Host A Mountain 106.3 Remote

Drive Clients to your business with Mountain 106.3!


Mountain 106.3 offers you the exciting chance to bring a member of our on-air team to your location. Remotes with members of the Mountain 106.3 team not only attract crowds of locals, but they energize the crowd on hand. Remotes are a great way to celebrate grand openings and special sales that need guaranteed success! Hold a customer appreciation day or even hold a recruitment fair! Any event you can think of to promote your event, sale or business will be more effective when Mountain 106.3 is there for a remote broadcast.

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Since you already know just how beneficial hosting a Mountain 106.3 remote is for your business, then you should also know that Mountain 106.3 offers you the chance to host complete shows, on location, at your location! Host Mike Howard for the entire Morning show in its entirety!

Hosting an entire show from your location allows Mountain 106.3 to create an unprecedented level of excitement for the entire four-hour length of a show. Our studio set elevates this from a regular remote broadcast and the luxury of all four hours allows you to put your product and staff at center stage.

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